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C. Leather Goods is a small, handmade, leather goods business based out of Bologna, Italy.


About C. Leather Goods and its creator Clare Hazlett.


C. Leather Goods is a small, handmade leather goods company based out of Bologna, Italy. All of the leather goods are handcrafted by Clare - designed, cut, sewn & finished - with a love for craftsmanship, design & fine Italian leather.

 about the leather goods

Each product is made using high quality, vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany. Vegetable tanning is an ancient and slow, all natural process, that uses tannins extracted from various trees and plants, transforming the cow hides into a leather that is compact and durable. It is a material that ages beautifully, acquiring a richer, deeper color with time and wear.

There may be slight differences from the leather goods pictured, as each piece is unique and completely made by hand!


 about Clare

After graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Studio Art & Italian Studies, Clare moved to Italy to learn how to design & create leather goods. Over the past several years she has had the fortune of learning from and working alongside many talented designers & artisans.

Her goal with C. Leather Goods is to keep the art & traditions of leather craftsmanship alive by making products that are simple, thoughtful & timeless - and above all, to create a business that values people: from the work of the human hand to the experience of the customer, every interaction is personal.